SPEAKING KOREAN & MANDARIN VLOG - Baking with Matt, Gucci Shoot & more!

안녕친구! 👋🏼 Back with another weekend vlog! 📷 I decided to incorporate in both mandarin and korean in this one just to make it a little more interesting and fun ~ & of course to practice speaking more in korean ✨

Come join Matt and I on our little baking adventure to see how our 우유식빵 (milk buns) turned out! 😋

*ps its my first vlog in korean and I know it isn’t the most fluent… pleaseee be patient with me, I’m still learning! 😬❤️

► Speaking Mandarin vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtL9S4gcoQU

I hope you guys enjoyed this one and talk to me in the comments box down below!

💋 Gucci 216 My Cousin Rachel, Rouge De Beauté Brillant Lipstick

💋 Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Vitamin C Face Mask

💋 Enchanted Cafe Matcha Latte

💋 Soft Milk Buns Recipe: http://chubbyhubby.net/recipes/pantry-basics-soft-milk-buns/

📚 I learn Korean at Sejong Korean Language School – https://www.sejong.com.sg/

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Hello! My name is Mong Chin and I’m from sunny Singapore. I am 1.63m and I am Singaporean Chinese. I speak English, Mandarin and am currently learning Korean in my free time. I love all things beauty and fashion, and I also like to share my life here. I hope you guys enjoy watching my videos!

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SPEAKING KOREAN & MANDARIN VLOG – Baking with Matt, Gucci Shoot & more!

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